Grupo Ligna

Leo Madeiras

Passion to do things well


It all began in 1943, when Mr. Leo Lowenstein opened the Leo in a small shop on Rua do Gasômetro, in Brás. In 1961, Mr. Bernard Seibel acquired the company and retained its name. As of 1969, in bigger and better facilities, the Leo begun its growing evolution, up to the present day. From its original store of 180 square meters and 2 employees, the company currently has more than 75 stores, and 1500 professionals directly and indirectly. During these …



The largest panels, sanitary ware and sanitary metals producer in the Southern Hemisphere


The Duratex (DTEX3) is a Brazilian publicly traded company, with shared control by Itaúsa-Investimentos Itaú S.A. conglomerate and Ligna Investment Company. It is the largest manufacturer of industrial wood panels ,sanitary ware and sanitary metals producer in the Southern Hemisphere .It is the market leader in Brazil with Durafloor,Duratex,Deca and Hydra trademarks. Based in São Paulo, it has about 11.000 employees working in 16 industrial units located strategically in São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Santa …


Espaço Negócios

Commercial properties with sustainability, security and technology


The Espaço Negócios company is engaged in the construction and incorporation of commercial properties for lease. With large areas, varying from 30.000 to 240.000 square meters located mainly in São Paulo State, the company has specialized in the development of business parks in metropolitan regions. Many of these areas were bought from industries that have transferred their sites to more peripheral regions where the square meter was more accessible. Modern offices of large slabs and logistics warehouses are the main …


Gera Maranhão

Thermoelectric of 330mwh per year


The company Gera Maranhão is a thermoelectric power plant located in Miranda do Norte, Maranhão. The plant has a capacity of 330 MW. As part of the contingency plan of the Brazilian energy matrix, the plant is stopped by most of the time, but it has to be ready to generate power in any shortage event. Learn more at: Company


Ligna Florestal


Ligna Florestal is the company that owns about 60.000 hectares of land in Minas Gerais, in Uberaba region leased to Duratex.