Grupo Ligna

Leo Madeiras

Passion to do things well

It all began in 1943, when Mr. Leo Lowenstein opened the Leo in a small shop on Rua do Gasômetro, in Brás. In 1961, Mr. Bernard Seibel acquired the company and retained its name. As of 1969, in bigger and better facilities, the Leo begun its growing evolution, up to the present day. From its original store of 180 square meters and 2 employees, the company currently has more than 75 stores, and 1500 professionals directly and indirectly.

During these 70 years, the company has always looked to the future and has invested continuously in the expansion of its own business, processes and model innovation, exploiting different cores segments, joinery industry input distribution.

The Leo’s work philosophy is based on customers´satisfaction. For this purpose, seeks to ensure the products quality they sell, always competitive prices and the widest range on the market. The pleasure of doing good business and satisfaction to do well is at the heart of the business and guides the way to be. The results contantly reinvested in the business reflects shareholder confidence in business and in industry.


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